Sorry to disappoint you but this blog is not about Indian tea, it’s about what’s on my mind. My name is Sheila and my last name’s ‘Chai’ and although I do enjoy drinking chai tea, I enjoy sharing advice about almost anything I have a curiosity for even more. With a busy life and being a mom of two, I have been looking for an outlet to release what’s on my mind, so why not start a blog.

This blog is about my personal learning in life and about the things I like and do to make life more practical and simpler for myself and hopefully others.

This is by far not a perfect blog as I’m still trying to figure out how to use WordPress effectively. Once in a while though, when I find some time, you will find a post about something I have learned, a favorite thing, tips in the kitchen, home or employment (that’s what I do for a living) or maybe even some venting.

Thank you friends & family who have enjoyed reading my annual Chrismas newsletters over the years and for encouraging me to continue writing.

Welcome to ‘mind of chai’.

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