Simple Tasty French Toast

Here’s a simple recipe if you’re looking to whip up something quick & easy that smells amazing in the house for your family to wake up to.


2 large eggs

1 tbsp of water

bread (any type but I prefer sourdough or one with a good crust)

2 tsp of butter mixed with olive oil (just enough to cover the pan)


cinnamon & sugar / icing sugar

maple syrup / honey / jam / Nutella


Using a fork or small whisk, beat the eggs with water in a small shallow bowl until combined.

Heat your pan to medium/high heat & add your butter & olive oil . Swoosh it around in the pan until evenly covered (for flavor & less fat content if done with all butter).

While pan is heating up, cut your bread into 1 inch slices.  Dip in egg wash both sides & place one side on pan until caramelized. Flip & caramelize the other side.

Top it off with something sweet. I like to sprinkle cinnamon & sugar over the bread slices right in the pan & shut the stove off to let the remaining heat finish it off.

You can finish it your way with any topping once plated. Something syrupy keeps it moist, sticky & heartwarming.  Enjoy!

Note:  Egg wash covers about 5-6 slices of bread.